Multimodal Essay: Everything You Should Know

As a nursing student, you must communicate your ideas, thoughts, and research findings effectively. One way to achieve this is by using multimodal essays. Multimodal essays are written compositions incorporating different media elements, such as videos, images, graphics, and sound, to enhance the audience’s understanding and engagement. This article provides a comprehensive guide on multimodal essays, tips for creating them, tricks to enhance them, and examples of relevant essays for nursing students.

Types of Multimodal Essays Relevant to Nursing Students

A. Visual Essay on Health Promotion Strategies

Visual essays use images and graphics to present an argument or convey information. In nursing, visual essays can promote health literacy and educate patients on preventive health measures. For instance, a visual essay on health promotion strategies can showcase the importance of exercise, healthy eating habits, and stress management for optimal health.

Multimodal essay
Visual Essay

B. Audio Essay on Communication Skills in Patient Care

Audio essays use sound to communicate ideas and concepts. They are useful for discussing complex topics that require narration or explanation. In nursing, audio essays can be used to explore communication skills such as active listening, empathy, and effective patient education. An audio essay on communication skills in patient care can incorporate examples of handling difficult patient interactions and building rapport with patients.

C. Interactive Essay on Nursing Research Methods

Interactive essays use technology to engage the audience actively. They are useful for presenting complex information that requires audience participation. In nursing, interactive essays can teach research methods and critical thinking skills. For example, an interactive essay on nursing research methods can include quizzes, surveys, and polls that help nursing students learn how to design and conduct research studies.

D. Video Essay on Patient Safety

Video essays use moving images to convey a message. They are useful for showcasing real-life scenarios and explaining complex concepts. In nursing, video essays can be used to explore patient safety issues such as falls, medication errors, and infections. A video essay on patient safety can incorporate real-life patient stories and highlight the importance of patient safety protocols in nursing practice.

E. Infographic Essay on the Effects of Chronic Diseases

Infographic essays use charts, graphs, and other visual aids to present complex data. They are useful for breaking down complex information into easily digestible pieces. In nursing, infographic essays can educate patients and the general public on the effects of chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and cancer. An infographic essay on the effects of chronic diseases can use statistics and charts to demonstrate the impact of these diseases on the individual and society.

Tips for Creating a Multimodal Essay in Nursing Education

  • Define the purpose and intended audience.

Before starting any essay, it’s important to define its purpose and intended audience. In the case of nursing education, the purpose could be to educate nursing students on a particular topic, inform other healthcare professionals, or raise awareness among the general public. The intended audience could be nursing students, healthcare professionals, patients, or the general public.

  • Choose the appropriate media for your essay

 .Once you have defined the purpose and intended audience, choosing the appropriate media for your essay is important. This could include text, images, audio, video, or a combination. Consider the strengths and limitations of each medium and choose the one that best suits your purpose and audience.

  •  Plan the essay and organize the media.

Planning the essay and organizing the media is crucial to ensure the final product is coherent and consistent. Start by creating an outline and identifying the key points you want to make. Then, choose the appropriate media for each point and organize them logically.

  • Ensure consistency and coherence in the essay.

Consistency and coherence are essential in any essay, especially in a multimodal essay where different media are used. Make sure that the essay is consistent in terms of tone, style, and formatting. Use transitions to connect different media and ensure the essay flows smoothly.

  • Review and revise the essay for accuracy and relevance to nursing practice

Once you have completed the essay, review and revise it to ensure accuracy and relevance to nursing practice. Check for errors or inaccuracies, and ensure that the essay is relevant to the current state of nursing practice.

Tricks for Enhancing Your Multimodal Essay in Nursing Education

  • Use effective design and layout techniques.

Effective design and layout techniques are crucial in making your essay visually appealing and easy to read. Use a clean and simple layout with plenty of white space. Use headings and subheadings to break up the text and make it easier to navigate.

  • Incorporate multimedia elements, such as patient stories, medical images, and relevant charts and graphs

.Multimedia elements can help to bring your essay to life and make it more engaging. Use patient stories to illustrate your points and medical images, charts, and graphs to present data and statistics clearly and concisely.

  • Use fonts and colors that complement your essay and are easy to read

Choose fonts and colors that complement your essay and are easy to read. Use a font that is easy to read, such as Arial or Times New Roman, and use colors that are easy on the eyes, such as black, white, or blue.

  • Use appropriate transitions and animations to make your essay engaging

Transitions and animations can help to make your essay more engaging and dynamic. Use animations to highlight key points or to illustrate complex concepts.

Examples of Multimodal Essays Relevant to Nursing Education

A. Visual essay on Patient-Centered Care: This essay could include images of patients and healthcare professionals and quotes from patients and healthcare professionals about the importance of patient-centered care.

B. Audio essay on Therapeutic Communication Techniques: This essay could include audio recordings of healthcare professionals demonstrating therapeutic communication techniques and interviews with patients about their experiences with these techniques.

C. Interactive essay on Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing: This essay could include interactive elements, such as quizzes and case studies, to help nursing students understand the principles of evidence-based practice.

D. Video essay on Infection Control in the Clinical Setting: This essay could include video footage of healthcare professionals demonstrating infection control techniques and interviews with patients about their experiences with infections in the clinical setting.

E. Infographic essay on the Impacts of Nursing Shortages: An infographic essay on nursing shortages could effectively present data and statistics on the shortage of nurses in various healthcare settings. This could include information on the number of nurses needed versus the number of available nurses, the reasons for the shortage, and the impact on patient care and outcomes. Infographics can be particularly useful for presenting complex information in a visually appealing and easy-to-understand format.

Video Guide


In conclusion, creating multimodal essays in nursing education can be an effective way to enhance communication and presentation skills and to engage with and inform a wider audience. Nursing students can create compelling and effective multimodal essays by defining the purpose and intended audience, choosing appropriate media, planning and organizing the essay, ensuring consistency and coherence, and reviewing and revising for accuracy and relevance. 

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